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The Porsche factory designed your Porsche to be all things, to all people in all conditions.

However your Porsche is your Porsche, used the way you use it, in a much narrower range of conditions.

Porsche designed your Porsche to be driven by anyone from a grandmother using it for shopping, through to a race driver on the Nurburgring. They designed it to be driven using the poorest quality of fuel available in the deepest darkest parts of Africa, as well as the best control race fuel the world has to offer. To be driven at sea level, as well as at a higher altitude than the highest mountain road in existance, and also to be driven in the coldest and hottest conditions the world has to offer.

Porsche did a great job of designing your car, but they had to make the same car to survive in any number of conditions. In addition Porsche did not want your Porsche to outperform a more expensive model available at the same time.

Porsche were also mindful that the car needed to survive service intervals not being adhered to, parts ageing, wearing and extended periods of abuse or neglect without complete disaster.

By removing limitations designed into your Porsche due to marketing reasons, as well as tayloring it to your intended use, while also narrowing the specifications and expectations, it can be modified in any number of ways.

I good example is chip tuning. Porsche designed your Porsche with the expectation that it may be driven on fuel which was out of date, which had been stored in a rusty container and containing a very low octane specification. By altering the fueling and ignition data within the Porsche engine management system, JMG can improve your performance with the only drawback being that the car will need to be used on standard European fuels. The downside is that the fuel from deepest, darkest Africa will now be off limits. Not such a hardship!

The handling and brakes can be improved, again, your grandmother may not be quite as comfortable driving the car anymore, but you will have much more fun.

Ultimately, JMG can rebuild your engine to race specifications, the car may not quite have the same road manners in traffic that it may once have had, but it will be much faster than the next most expensive model on the open road or the track.

Your Porsche improved through tailoring to your requirements.

  • Fast road, trackday or full race specifications.
  • Engine and engine management performance improvements.
  • Performance exhaust systems, turbo chargers, wastegates, intake, induction and performance air filters.
  • Blueprinting and bulletproofing.
  • From mild to extreme race suspension options.
  • Standard, Porsche motorsport and aftermarket parts supplied and fitted.
  • Shell and car preparation through to race and track support.
  • Body styling, wheels, interior and in car audio improvements

All with the same philosophy, every modification, part or practice is performed as if Porsche had designed and installed the component at the motorsport division of Porsche themselves. We do not believe in taking short cuts, bodging a component or selling anything which is poorly manufactured or not better in every way than the original Porsche item.

Just click on your Porsche model in the tabs at the top of the screen for example modifications available for your Porsche 


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