Out of hours support.

If the worst should happen and your car needs attention when we are closed, your car can arrive 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even of Christmas day!

What to do.

If your Porsche needs urgent attention without an appointment, just follow the following simple steps.

  • Drop your car off, or have it recovered to us right away and leave the car in our front car park (covered by CCTV).
  • Post your keys through our letterbox. (You or the recovery company, the letterbox is secured by our CCTV and alarm system)
  • Call us on 01202 488800 and leave a voicemail explaining that your car is here.
  • Email us when you get home, with more details, including your name, telephone number and the details of the problem.

What we will do.

  • When you leave a voicemail, our telephone system converts that message into an email which is sent to the smart phones of key members of staff, which are checked at least periodically (even at Christmas!) every day, and sometimes will even see the message immediately.
  • Once we are aware of your car being here, as soon as humanly possible, a member of staff will visit the workshop and where possible move your car inside, or to our locked compound at the rear of the building (also covered by CCTV) If it is impossible to move your car, they will put measures into place to have the car moved as soon as possible.
  • When we have your details by email, a member of staff we be in touch, by email or telephone to let you know what is happening.

When will my car be worked on?

Wherever possible, even if we are booked up for weeks in advance, we always keep a little time in the schedule to at least look into your fault by the end of the next working day and someone will be in touch with you.

What if I need my car back on the road urgently?

Our staff obviously have set working hours and days when we are closed. However "Money talks" and everyone has their price, even if it is Christmas or a Sunday.

So if you need your car fixed urgently, no matter what the cost is, let us know in your email and voice mail, we are able to put technicians into action but for twice our usual hourly rate. If during that event we are not able to complete repairs (such as needing parts) there and then, you only pay for the time they spend attempting to get your car mobile out of hours, and you will be notified of what happens next and when we would hope to be able to repair the car.

Keep calm.

Although we are not open 24 hours a day, we will do everything we can to get you mobile again.