JMG Staff Training

As well as Porsche experienced or Porsche trained technicians, some of the staff at JMG have completed or are proceeding through the JMG Porsche apprenticeship.

Apprentices are expected to complete a 5 year training with independently varified observation and qualification process with the IMI and/or City and Guilds, often training along side main dealer staff in the same program.

The first year of this process trains each apprentice in the process of car detailing, paint rectification and cosmetic repairs. The importance of this first year is to train the apprentice in appreciating the vulnerabilities of paint and trim item materials so they have a deep respect and treat them with the utmost care throughout their career. Not only this, but this stage teaches the apprentice that there may be multiple stages to any repair (not just cosmetics) and that thought needs to be made to working out each tasks stages into the most efficient order.

Also during this first year all apprentices will also shadow other staff members during servicing and routine maintenance, learning the importance of gathering information and inspecting each car. Much like a forensic detective, often the signs of a mechanical problem may not be obvious, but tell tale signs may be a clue to a problem which may not even have developed into a symptom yet.

The second year is where the apprentice will begin the inner three year process of gaining their technician qualifications. During this phase the technician will proceed through the beginner levels of training (level 1) where the apprentice will become qualified as a fitter (Tyres, exhausts, suspension and servicing). At this stage they will be assisting in the workshop with other technicians to perform services and a variety of cars, including the JMG Porsche apprentice training cars.

Year two will see them proceed through their intermediate (level 2) qualification of "Technician" where they will be qualified to normal mechanic/technician levels. At this stage the apprentice will still be also trained, observed and supervised in replacement of transmissions, driveline repairs and other level 2 tasks.

The third year is beyond the qualification of most technicians, Porsche or otherwise, which is the advanced (level 3) technician, where the apprentice will learn to rebuild transmissions and engines, as well as auto electrician level. During this third year qualification process, the apprentice is assessed in the workplace on a regular basis by independent verifiers as they progress in the workshop tackling evermore complicated jobs under instruction and supervision.

The fifth years training involves taking things beyond the standard. Performance modification and advanced diagnostics are where the emphasis lies. The technician will learn all aspects of performance modification in great detail, even down to road and dyno remapping of engine management systems as well as the fundamentals of performance tuning.

Only once the five year process is complete do the apprentices proceed to being classed as a JMG Porsche Technician. By this point we believe they are trained to a more advanced standard than you will find in almost any garage or main dealer, and rightly so!

Beyond the apprenticeship, JMG Technicians are always learning as the cars released by the Porsche factory become more advanced as technology progresses.