JMG Porsche Buyers Guide Articles

Thinking of buying a Porsche? In this section you will find articles for each model to help you make an informed choice. With each article we will try to show you what to look for, how to decode the Porsche chassis number, the option codes and much more!

JMG Porsche offer an in depth pre purchase inspection service to help you avoid costly mistakes when buying a Porsche, which lets face it, can be quite a financial investment.

For more information about JMG pre purchase inspections, feel free to contact JMG Porsche where will explain our inspection process which involves in excess of 400 points inspected and we feel goes much further than any other pre purchase inspection available anywhere.

If you are too far away to benefit from our inspection service, the articles in this section should help you make the right choices, check the right items and arm yourself with information and skills to spot what to avoid as well as helping you negotiate a great price.

Just remember one thing, John Mitchell Senior used to say this "There is nothing quite as expensive as a cheap Porsche", often restoring or repairing what may seem to be a cheap Porsche works out much more expensive than buying the best one you can find in the first place.

However there are some real bargains out there, so do not be put off, sometimes a Porsche may be advertised cheap because the owner needs cash quickly or has not researched the value of their car completely.


Monday, 05 November 2012 14:00

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