Everything the main Porsche dealer will have, and more!

In choosing a specialist to deal with the maintenance or improvement of your Porsche, it is not only important that they are trained on Porsche cars, but also that they have all the equipment you would expect from the main dealer, including Porsche specific diagnostic computers and tools, but also all of the special tools to work on your car.

We are also proud to be an official Bosch approved service centre. For those who do not know, Bosch make the majority of electronic devices, such as control units, sensors and actuators for many Porsche models, with Bosch diagnostic, special tools and access to parts and technical information not available outside of Bosch, partly due to our approval, but also through our contacts in Bosch in Germany.

Computerised diagnostics

The latest range of Porsche cars require the use of a PIWIS3 diagnostic computer, before that it was the PIWIS2 (2012-2017), PIWIS (2005-2012) PST2 (1998 to 2005) and before that (1987 to 1998) it was the famous "Bosch Hammer" diagnostic computer used by main dealers. At JMG Porsche we not only have the old and new Porsche diagnostic computers (most main dealers will only have the current one), but we have also invested in the best of the aftermarket diagnostic computers. Each one has its own strong points, some are used here for one specific task, such as the one we use to test Mass Airflow sensors in 986 and 996 models!

JMG Porsche have also reverse engineered many of the Porsche control units and even the PCM systems, along with a dedicated test bench to be able to test these units as if they were installed in the car, but with live data from Porsche diagnostic tools, oscilloscopes, dynamic electrical loads and real time readings.

Electronic Component Level diagnosis and repairs.

At JMG Porsche we are not only able to test your control units or other electronic components, but also repair them to component level. A good example of this is the alarm control units used in the Porsche 996 and 986 Boxster, which we have not only reverse engineered to be able to do things the main dealers can not, but also to repair them following water damage.

Specialised engine tools.

At JMG Porsche we also have a wide range of Porsche specific engine tools, some of them are official Porsche tools, some we have even had custom made to make a job easier, or to improve on the genuine Porsche tool. A good example of a custom designed tool is our equipment for being able to replace intermediate shaft bearings on a 996 and Boxster without completely removing, let along dismantling the engine! Inovations and equipment like this allow us to pass labour savings onto our customers.

Fuel system tools.

Electronic diagnosis is all well and good, but sometimes traditional diagnostic testing is required. We of course have all the equipment to bypass your cars fuel system to be able to measure fuel pressure and fuel flow. We also have the traditional tools to work with even the very early Porsche cars running with carbs, through the many variations of fuel injection (MFI fuel injection, CIS Fuel Injection, Motronic/L-Jetronic) through to also the very latest direct injection models.

Fuel injector test and rebuild equipment.

We are the only Porsche specialist we know of who have our own injector service and repair lab. Equipped with a Lucas and Bosch approved injector test and service bench, specialist tooling to strip down and rebuild fuel injectors, several injector ultrasonic cleaners, advanced fuel injector live monitoring equipment to precisely evaluate what is happening inside the injectors (such as latency, spray pattern, flow) as well as a full stock of Genuine Bosch, Lucas, Siemens, Rochester and Delphi spare parts. This is not just for modern electronic fuel injectors, but also for classic car mechanical fuel injectors and cold start valves!

Datalogging equipment.

Not many specialists can boast the on road datalogging equipment that JMG have at their disposal. While driving we can monitor actual exhaust emissions, exhaust gas temperatures, air temperatures, air pressures and much more, totally independent of the cars own sensors! Equipment like this is essential sometimes to quickly diagnose faults on Porsche cars. But we also use this equipment to reprogram your engine management system to provide more horsepower.

Rolling road.

We also have access to a state of the art DynoDynamics rolling road, where we can test your car at any speed in real world conditions while being able to examine the car up close and in detail. Have a problem that only occurs at 100mph while accelerating and on boost? We can repeatedly test for the fault without endangering your car or other road users. Which is something we hope to bring in house soon!

Leak detection.

Sometimes a Porsche will have a leak. It could be a coolant, oil, power steering, transmission, air conditioning, exhaust gasses or even an intake system leak. We have the latest state of the art specialized equipment to quickly find such leaks. Some of them use pressurised smoke, others use chemicals which glow under UV lights, some use pressure and others a negative pressure. As always, this can reduce labour costs and therefore our customers Porsche running costs.

Air conditioning.

JMG Porsche have the latest Bosch air conditioning equipment to ensure your air conditioning can be diagnosed, repaired, tested and even serviced to the highest standards.

New brake disks or the old one repaired.

Sometimes a Porsche needs to have work performed on the brakes. At JMG Porsche we have Porsche approved equipment to resurface your brake disks while they are fitted to the car. Other specialists without this equipment will always tell you that your brake disks need to be replaced, this is because they do not have the expensive Porsche approved equipment to resurface your brake disks in situ. Some models, such as the 964 suffer from issues causing even quite new brake disks to deform, our on the car brake lathe will resurface your brake disks to match your hubs and to provide even less distortion than even a new brake disk!

Along with all this, if there is a gadget or other piece of equipment which will improve quality or reduce expense for customers, JMG will invest in it. It's not cheap running one of the most equipped Porsche specialists in the world, but it helps to become the best.