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Some say he is the love child of a Cray XMP supercomputer of the 1980's and a Sinclair C5. That he can hear the tinkling of binary traveling through the internet.

All we know is he is the webmaster of JMG Porsche.

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So, you're thinking of buying a Porsche? you may have already chosen the model for you, you may even have looked at some. What this article aims to provide is the background information and tips for buying a pre-loved Porsche.

We say Pre-Loved because that is the kind of Porsche you want to buy, it needs to have previous owners who have looked after the car well, one wh...

Before you set off on a journey of tuning the 944 Turbo, you need to understand the limitations of the 944 Turbo components. Some components hold back performance, others may break before a certain performance level has been reached. Knowing this information is key to being able to get the best from your 944 Turbo.

Just to recap, in part one we covered the various engines installed into...

The different Porsche 944 Turbo engines and the cars they were installed in.

Tuning the Porsche 944 Turbo is something that we at JMG Porsche have been doing extensively for many years. We redesigned the standard 2.5 Litre engine in 2005 to provide the worlds first 3.2 944 Turbo engines as well as building the very best 2.5, 2.8 and 3.0 engines for 944 Turbos. We have e...

The Team

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The Team behind JMG Porsche

The company has its roots in the 1970's in Cambridgeshire with John Mitchell Senior, who is sadly no longer with us...

Welcome to JMG

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Here to help our customers get the most from their Porsche.

JMG Porsche are the only Porsche specialist built on a foundation of three generati...


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Technical Support

JMG Have always been well known for offering technical support to customers, enthusiasts, Porsche clubs, online forums and th...


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JMG Enthusiasts not just technicians

All the team at JMG Porsche are Porsche enthusiasts as well as qualified Porsche technicians, some of them...


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JMG Staff Training

As well as Porsche experienced or Porsche trained technicians, some of the staff at JMG have completed or are proceeding thr...


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Everything the main Porsche dealer will have, and more!

In choosing a specialist to deal with the maintenance or improvement of your Porsche, i...


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Based on the Dorset Hampshire Boarder.

JMG Porsche are located in Ferndown, on the edge of the New Forrest and the boarder betwee...