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Cayenne servicing tailored to your requirements

The Porsche Cayenne has evolved since its introduction at the start of the century. Although this model shares much with vehicles originating from the VW group, it should be serviced in a completely different way which requires a specialist's experience and knowledge to avoid what can turn into expensive problems. JMG Porsche we are familiar and equipped to deal with with both the latest Cayenne as well as the original version of the Cayenne.

Selecting the correct service for your Porsche can often be a confusing task for those who do not deal with it every day, more so if you only cover few miles per year, so we tend to recommend that when you need servicing ask us for our advice, we will be more than happy to ask you a few questions and reply with the ideal service for your Porsche.  If on the other hand you are sure which service you would like performing from the factory schedule, we are also more than happy to do so.

As part of the service your car will be inspected beyond the usual items listed by Porsche to be inspected. Should we find any problems, we will try to call you so it is important to make sure you are available by telephone and if you are unable to answer our call, to call us back as soon as possible so we can discuss the issues and if need be, so you can authorise any additional repairs.

Service prices for this model start at only £94.10 Including all parts and labour and VAT for a yearly inspection.

On the other hand, you could take advantage of the JMG Maintenance Plan, where all servicing, MOT, diagnostics and repairs will cost you from only £60 per month. Please click the tab labled JMG Plan above this article to read more..

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