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Porsche servicing

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Every service performed to main dealer standards and beyond.

..."If your car is the very latest model still under manufacturers warranty, through to a classic only covering a few miles per year, JMG Porsche should be your first stop for servicing."...

This may seem like a bold statement, but there are many "johnny come lately" Porsche specialists on the south coast, but we are the only purely Porsche specialist family owned business with a Porsche history dating back to the early 1970's, but also embracing the latest technology, above and beyond what even the main dealers can perform.

We know there are several reasons why you may have bought your Porsche, many models to choose from and many types of ways you will drive the car. Also we know our customers have many different lifestyles and budgets, this means we taylor our service around your many needs. If you have the time to talk to us, we will be happy to take the time to talk through all of your worries, concerns, requirements and expectations, wherever possible, moulding what we offer around your wants and needs.

Your Porsche still covered by Manufacturers Warranty?

JMG Porsche can service your Porsche, using genuine parts, Porsche approved oils and fluids, following the factory schedule without invalidating the manufacturers warranty, yet at a fraction of the price of the main dealers offerings. The best of both worlds.

Classic Porsche that only covers a few miles per year?

Many of our customers own classic models such as the 356 or early 911 models, as well as affordable classics such as the 924, 944, 968 and even now the early Boxster's are considered a classic. We understand this but still recommend that it has a service every year, even if the annual mileage is very low. Engine oil becomes contaminated with various chemical compounds the second the engine is started with fresh oil. This contamination starts to break down the oil and within 12 months, even if the engine is not run again, the oil will not be in good condition to protect your engine.

Everything in between the new Porsche and the classic Porsche?

If your Porsche is neither a classic or a new Porsche, you are in good company with JMG Porsche, the majority of our customers own these models and we work had to keep our prices keen and our quality levels higher than available elsewhere. It is why our standard prices include Porsche approved oil by Quantum/Fuchs as well as providing an option for using Mobil-1 Engine oil for those that want the best. It keeps our baseline prices low but with still great prices, as well as not limiting the quality of servicing.

We recommend Annual servicing.

For all Porsche models we recommend annual servicing, not only for those higher annual mileage cars, or those with classics which are hardly driven, but for every model in between. A good example of this we feel are the differences between the Porsche 996 and 997 which highlights this important issue. The 996 and 997 have almost identical engines, with many shared parts. However with the 997 the factory schedule often suggests two yearly servicing, whereas the 996 suggests annual servicing. The 997 Models suffer with "Bore Scoring", Variocam actuator issues, cam follower issues and many other problems that the annually services cars do not... Food for thought.

If you feel you and your Porsche need a slightly customised service, that is not a problem.

We have many customers with a modified Porsche or unique servicing requirements, talk to us about these, as we will be able to help.

What service do I need?

Porsche servicing can seem complicated, with intermediate maintenance, minor servicing, major servicing and different things needed at different mileages. If you are unsure, we are here to help, just book in for a major service and explain to your service advisor that you are unsure which service you require and ask them to check. We will then look at the service history and advise what is best suited to your car, based on current mileage, age and previous service stamps in the book. By booking a major service, we will have all the parts needed for the major service, as well as have scheduled enough time, but if all you need is a minor service, we will be happy to downgrade things for you at the obviously lower price and less time spent, we always have plenty of other things to get on with in the remaining time.

How much will it cost?

Click on the servicing menu above and select your Porsche from the drop down menu to see our dedicated page about your Porsche model with our latest prices.

Call us on 01202 488800 to book your service today.

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