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When the time comes for our customers to change their Porsche JMG continue helping them by offering their car to be advertised in this section free of charge.

We recommend when buying a car from any source that you pay a specialist to conduct a pre purchase inspection (PPI). Not only will this highlight any obvious problems with the car, protecting you from making a bad purchase, but it will also provide you with bargaining power when negotiating the purchase price. 

None of the cars sold by our customers have any form of warranty from JMG Porsche whatsoever, as such JMG accept no liability for any of the cars advertised in this section. Although, if they are JMG Customers and they have followed our recommendations, the cars should be pretty good!

Advertising in this section is limited to Porsche cars that have at least had a major service at JMG Porsche within the last two years and at least a minor service in the last year. No exceptions from this rule are allowed.

For advice regarding buying a Porsche, JMG are always happy to help.

From a Porsche 356 to a 991, we wish you luck in your future purchase.

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SOLD -- 1990 944 Turbo SE - Exceptional in Red with Black Porsche script interior(Ref: 944TurboCP) Manufacturer Model Price Label Year Built Engine Km
SOLD -- 1990 944 Turbo SE - Exceptional in Red with Black Porsche script interior
£ 23,944.00
SOLD 1990 2500 0
THIS CAR HAS NOW SOLD Maintained with money no object attitude - Possibly the best mechanical condition 944 Turbo in the UK.

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