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Some say he is the love child of a Cray XMP supercomputer of the 1980's and a Sinclair C5. That he can hear the tinkling of binary traveling through the internet.

All we know is he is the webmaster of JMG Porsche.

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At JMG Porsche we believe that the servicing requirements of your Porsche are as unique as you are as a person. With this in mind we are able to tailor your servicing to how you use your Porsche.

Usual servicing includes a complicated array of services, 10k, 12k, 20k, 24k, 30k, 36k, 40k and 48k intervals, as well as annual, 2 yearly, 4 yearly and other intervals. At JMG Porsche we try t...

We will be happy to hear from you. Existing customers, future customers even if you have not bought your Porsche yet.


Our main telephone number is 01202 488800, however we also have a more memorable number, which is 07000 996 911, feel free to use whichever one you prefer, however the 07000 number is charged at the same rate as a national call.


By air.

Visiting JMG Porsche by plane is easier than you might imagine, with local airports of Bournemouth airport aproximately 10 minutes away, Southam...

By train

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Getting to JMG Porsche by train is very easy as we are a short taxi ride from Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole train stations

These stations offer ra...

Following on from our other diagnosis articles, in this article Jon Mitchell is going to talk a little about exhaust emissions.

As we go crawling inside the exhaust of a Porsche, we will take a look at the exhaust emissions, what each of the gasses are, what effect they have on your engine and how they effect the environment.

Exhaust Emissions.

The norma...


As a Porsche owner, even though you drive one of the worlds most reliable cars, from time to time, a fault may occur. The fault could be just a simple annoyance such as an annoying squeek, or it could be more worrying such as clouds of smoke emitting from your exhaust. In any case, the cause will been to be found and rectified and for that, often you will need to use a gara...

Finding dents is often easy as the dent is obvious.  However some minor dents are the kind of thing you only find when washing or waxing your pride and joy.

When buying your next Porsche, being able to find dents is often a good way to help negotiate a good price, but also helps you avoid buying a car which may have hundreds of tiny dents.

At JMG Porsche our detailing toolbox h...

You have chosen to buy a Porsche 944.  Congratulations!  An excellent and widely undervalued sports car.  Probably the best kept secret of the Porsche marque.

This will be a particulary long article because the 944 had a 10 year run of production and the multitude of sub-models and options.  Hopefully it will be helpful in choosing your future Porsche 944.

In the 1970's, Por...

So, you're thinking of buying a Porsche? you may have already chosen the model for you, you may even have looked at some. What this article aims to provide is the background information and tips for buying a pre-loved Porsche.

We say Pre-Loved because that is the kind of Porsche you want to buy, it needs to have previous owners who have looked after the car well, one wh...